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Our diocese holds three appeals each year for Pastoral Works Broken Bay - these funds support five principal areas of pastoral outreach in our diocese, namely:

CatholicCare Hospital Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Programme – where five Pastoral Care ministers reach over 3,000 patients, 700 families and over 180 hospital staff each year across seven hospitals in our Diocese.
*  Confraternity of Christian Doctrine – creating and updating the curriculum and training catechists who minister to Sate School students across the Diocese.
*  St Lucy’s School – for primary school students with disabilities.
St Edmund’s School – for secondary school students with disabilities.
*  Ephpheta Centre – serving the Catholic deaf community.

   We are obliged to meet our quota so please help us to achieve that so that we don’t have to dip into parish funds to cover any shortfall. And of course the pastoral works supported by this fund desperately need our help.

98.25cents of every dollar goes to the above beneficiaries.  Donations (100% tax deductible) can be made in a number of ways: 

    *  scan this QR code and select ‘Pastoral Works Broken Bay’ in the drop-down menu under 'Biller Code':qr


*  use the envelopes provided in our churches at the time of the appeals  (these allow for cash, cheque or credit card contributions).


CWF    Charitable Works Fund (CWF) has changed its name, but not its mission.   Read on ….

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