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15th July 2021:

Given the long period of time since the original agreements between the Diocese and Group Homes were signed it was decided to make some changes to the documents to reflect where we were in relation to the timing for various clauses in the agreements; and to clarify in the agreement the parking arrangements to accommodate 21 car parking spaces. 

This process was more drawn out than anticipated. The Agreement for Lease and Lease documents were executed by both parties last Friday.

Work is well underway on the site. Security fencing is in place around the site, as 20210715well as around several trees on the site. Ku ring gai Council insisted that extensive tree protection zones be put in place, even is areas well away from the work zone!!. 

The site has been cleared for civil works to commence. The first phase of work consists of:

· removal of the retaining wall along the drive through,

· cutting out the drainage trench along the drive through, and laying sewerage and stormwater pipes, 

· footings for the new retaining wall and the parking deck along the rear of the Church,

· laying the concrete block walls for the drive through and the parking deck.

re-laying new asphalt over the drive through

Barring any unforeseen issues this work should be completed within the next 12 weeks. The tree protection zones will then be removed.  

Following this stage of work, civil works for the permanent parish parking area will continue, and trenching for services and laying of slabs to the 2 houses will commence.

Mass and other liturgical celebrations will of course continue in the church throughout the project (once public Mass resumes).