Woods Cottage

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Woods Cottage Trust/Management Committee

Woods Cottage - a work of the parish - was established by the former Lindfield parish in the 1970s to provide accommodation and support for a group of adults who have an intellectual disability. This exemplary service continues to operate to this day under the auspices of our combined parish of Lindfield-Killara thanks to the work over so many years of the Woods Cottage Management Committee. made up of the Parish Priest and lay members of the parish. The committee, working on behalf of the parish, has had a duty of care to the residents to ensure that they have suitable accommodation and training and the opportunity to learn adequate social and personal skills enabling them to live as independently as possible. There are currently four residents.

Due to the increasing complexity of running such a service with its concomitant legislative and compliance requirements the Management Committee, during 2013 and 2014, sought a partnership with our diocesan CatholicCare (formerly Centacare) to take over the management of Woods Cottage. After much work by all concerned the NSW Government approved this transfer of management responsibility effective 1st January 2015.

Woods Cottage (physically located within our parish) of course remains a work of our parish and the parish retains responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the building (which it owns). The funds for this purpose have been raised by and are held in trust by the Woods Cottage Foundation, governed by a board of parishioners.

Contact: Adrienne Connaghan
Phone: (02) 9880 8207