Content Editor 000327_eeffBaptism celebrates the beginning of life as a Christian and is the sacrament which welcomes new members into the life of the Christian community.

Baptism of children in our two communities is celebrated on Sundays, sometimes within the celebration of Mass and sometimes after Mass. To make arrangements for baptism in either of our two communities in the first place, please contact the Parish Office on 9416 3702.

All families need to take part in our Baptism Preparation Programme prior to the baptism of their first child in either of our two communities (there is no requirement to take part in the programme prior to the baptism of subsequent children). The aim of the session is to provide some background on the celebration of baptism and to offer a reflection on the meaning of baptism in Christian life. To book into the Baptism Preparation Programme please contact the Parish Office.

For some background to what is involved in the baptism of your child please read our small booklet on baptism by clicking on this link:

Download: Baptism Guidelines

Prior to your child’s baptism you will also need to fill out a form giving us some family details so that the baptism can be recorded in the baptismal register. You can either collect that form from the Parish Office or you can download it by clicking on the link below.

Download: Baptism Enrolment Form