Parish Pastoral Council

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Our parish is served by a Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) made up of our Parish Priest, Assistant Priest and representative parishioners from each of our two communities within the parish. The Principal of our Parish School is an ex officio member of the PPC.

Our PPC meetings alternate in their venue between the two churches in our parish.

The role of the Council is to provide advice and support to the Parish Priest in the areas of pastoral planning, parish life and ministry, and parish mission.

A member of the PPC serves as a representative on the Parish Finance Committee and also on the School Board.

The Council welcomes ideas and issues from parishioners.

The Parish Priest is President of the Parish Pastoral Council, reflecting his role as President of the community, while Council meetings themselves are chaired by a chairperson elected by the members of the PPC.

The Current Members of the PPC (drawn from both communitiies in our parish) are:

  • Fr Colin Blayney PP VF
    Fr Thomas Alackakunnel VC AP
    Pauline Dinale, Principal
    Samantha Edwards, Assistant Principal
    Gloria Cheung
    Olwyn Connolly
    Christian Garling
    Margaret Frater
    Fran Grant
    Jennifer Leung
    Josie McCormick
    Brahm Majardi
    Jean Shatek
    Aaron Tang
    Clem Tsang