Youth Ministry

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1. Youth Groups

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We have two youth groups - 'Blast' for Years 4-6 and 'Fusion' which gathers as two groups, one for Years 7-8 and the other for Years 9 -12.

Details of the coming activities are given here:

Bulletin 23 Feb 2020          Youth Group Leaders


J-WALK – for young adults (18+) 

Click here for full details of the Young Adults' group and dates for gatherings.


2. Monthly Youth and Family Mass

We now have a special combined Youth and Family Mass on the last Sunday of each month. On this Sunday the Mass is at 5:30pm rather than 6:00pm. This replaces the morning Children's Mass at Lindfield and we hope is a better time for young families (a morning Children's Mass is still celebrated at our Killara church on the second Sunday of each month at the 9:15am Mass).

The Mass involves both children and senior youth in various ministries and the music is very much focussed towards our young people).

After Mass there is a meal as a community time and so that young families can arrive home with everyone having been fed and ready for bed.

potluck supper youth mass everyone

Above:Potluck dinner in St Brigid's Hall following the monthly Youth and Family Mass


3 Youth Mass and Youth Involvement in Sunday Evening Masses in general

The Sunday evening Mass at our Lindfield church, while open to all, has a particular focus towards youth and young adults, with those in that age range being involved in the music and liturgical ministries. It is normally celebrated at 6:00pm, though is at 5:30pm on the last Sunday of the month.

If you would like to be involved in any of these ways at the Sunday evening Masses please contact Jean Shatek or Jennifer Corrigan via the Parish Office.

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