Children's Sacraments

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Our Sacramental Preparation Programmes help prepare members of the parish to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

000332_eefbAbout our sacramental preparation programmes:    These programmes involve collaboration between our two communities: the Parents’ Meeting at the beginning of each programme (essential for enrolment to be confirmed) is a joint meeting for parents from both Killara and Lindfield, and families then take part in the weekly preparation groups during the course of each programme. However the actual celebration of the sacraments takes place separately in each of our two churches according to the home community of each family (the exception being First Reconciliation which is a combined celebration for both communities).

In our Diocese of Broken Bay, following the ancient practice of the Church,  First Holy Communion is the final sacrament of initiation (celebrating as it does the welcome of the children to share at the Lord's table) and is therefore preceded by Confirmation. For some background and an explanation of this order of celebration of the Sacraments please downlaod the small booklet 'The Sacraments of Initiation' via the link below:

Download: The Sacraments of Initiation


Introducing our Sacramental Coordinator

The role of the Sacramental Coordinator on our parish staff (Maia Schulze) is to be a loving pastoral guide to the parents and the children as they prepare for the beautiful experiences of their First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion. A programme of preparation precedes the celebration of each of these sacraments and Maia coordinates and supports the families in this time of preparation.   Please click here to contact Maia:






Confirmation 2022



Dates and details of our Sacramental Programmes in 2022

The letter giving all the dates and details for our Sacramental Preparation Programmes and the celebrations of the sacraments in 2022 is now available by CLICKING HERE     If you have any questions in the meantime please contact Maia at



Choosing the name of a Saint for Confirmation

When a person is confirmed they are given a 'Confirmation name which may be either:

*  their baptismal name (IF that name is the name of a Saint). Indeed this is the ideal situation since Confirmation seals and completes baptism and so the choice of the same name (when it is a saint's name) is very appropriate.

*  a new name which MUST be the name of a canonised saint, the reason being is that that saint becomes a model, an exemplar for the one being Confirmed. The name chosen can only come from the list available on the web link given below - you are welcome to choose from one of the saints on the General Calendar of the Church or from one of the National Calendars which follow it. Please help your child find a saint which they identify with it, whose life inspires them in their own following of Jesus. The various saints listed on the website below have links to the lives of each saint.

Please click HERE for the link and scroll down to the list of the saints 
on the General Calendar of the Church or on one of the national calendars which follow it.