Ecumenism in our Parish

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Our Parish is committed to being part of the long-standing Roseville-Lindfield-Killara Interchurch Fellowship. This fellowship holds a number of Ecumenical Services each year - three of these take place during the Season of Lent as we prepare together for Easter, there is one in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and one in Advent. In addition, the organising committee organises an annual lunch for clergy to help foster relationships between the Churches in our area.

The Diocese of Broken Bay aims to have at least one 'Parish Ecumenical Representative' in each parish. This person acts as a liaison with the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission and assists it in fostering local ecumenical initiatives. Our parish is blessed to currently have three Parish Ecumenical Representatives. If you would to join this ministry please let us know.

For information on our next local Ecumenical Service in the Lindfield-Killara area please see below:

Roseville – Lindfield – Killara Interchurch Fellowship

Online Ecumenical Service for the Season of Advent

Every year we gather with our fellow local Christian Churches for an Ecumenical Service for Advent    We're blessed that we can still do this in this extraordinary year in an online way

The online Service will take place on TUESDAY 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 AT 7:45PM.

To take part click on this link:

If requested please enter:
Meeting ID: 836 1814 5749
Passcode: 407904

Please be there to help build our bonds as fellow disciples of the Lord.

To find out more about the place of ecumenism in the life and faith of the Catholic Church in general please click here