Supporting parish finances during the public health restrictions


i.  Each week:

*  the First Collection provides for Frs Colin and Thomas and also provides for the fund which provides for health care for priests, and supports sick and retired clergy
the Second Collection provides for all the running costs of the parish and its services, the upkeep of our sites, the employment of our staff, and more.

ii.  One-off collections:

*  Diocesan Pastoral Works  (previously known as 'Charitable Works Fund' [CWF])   provides the funding for the support and training of our catechists for State Schools, for our hospital chaplaincy services and for supporting the special services provided by St Edmund's and St Lucy's Schools.  We are set a quota by the diocese for this appeal and we have to make up any shortfall from our own parish funds.  Donations to CWF are 100% tax deductible. 

YOU CAN ALSO CONTRIBUTE TO CWF ONLINE:    To donate please go to:

Please ensure that you tick our parish of Lindfield-Killara as you complete the donation online form.

*  Easter and Christmas Offerings  :   
are a vital supplement to the First Collection income which provides for the priests of the parish and for the health care of priests across the diocese and the retirement care of older priests. This fund depends very much on the income raised by Christmas and Easter Offerings.
    For the form to enable credit card contributions to these collections please click HERE.
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i.  for the regular weekly First and Second Collections there are two options:

a.  a direct debit from your bank account to our two accounts which correspond to the two collections.     You might either do this each week,   or make a monthly contribution,  or set up a periodic payment within your own account. The details for our two collection accounts are:

1st Collection:         BSB   062 784     Acct   1116 8002     (Lindfield-Killara Parish Pastoral Revenue Account)
Second Collection:  BSB   062 784    Acct    1116 8001    (Lindfield-Killara Parish Church Account)
(in the reference section for the transfers please put your name.   Also, if you have weekly envelopes please put your Envelope Number in the reference section).


you can scan this QR code and then on the page which opens select First and then Second Collections for your contributions.


  b.   OR you can arrange periodical payments from your credit card:

Please CLICK HERE for the form giving authorisation for this purpose. Please note that sometimes this form does not open as a full screen on your computer but rather as a 'tab' at the bottom of your screen. Just click the tab and the form will display fully. ______________________________________

ii.  for the occasional payments such as  Easter and Christmas Offerings:

You can either arrange the direct debit from your bank account as outlined above: 
- contributing to the First Collection for Easter/Christmas Offerings (please specify this in the 'reference' for your transfer)

Arrange this contribution on the same form as for recurring credit card contributions to the other parish accounts:   CLICK HERE.

Tap and goTap and Go       There are two machines (one for the First Collection and one for the Second Collection) in both of our two churches..