Stay at Home order continues

27 August 2021

A message from Bishop Anthony Randazzo

With the announcement of the extension of the stay at home order for the Greater Sydney Area including the Central Coast , all our churches in the Diocese of Broken Bay remain closed. The obligation for the faithful to participate in Sunday Mass (can.1247) remains lifted for the people of Broken Bay for the duration of this lockdown. I will continue to review the situation if the stay at home order restrictions are loosened. I strongly encourage you to continue participating in livestream Masses, reading the Scriptures, praying the Rosary, reading the Lives of the Saints, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as considering other ways to sanctify each day.

Please reach out and communicate with each other, as the stresses of the lockdown continue. It is important that we look after others as well as ourselves. I hold you in my prayers.