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PROJECT COMPASSIONProject Compassion 1

is a wonderful way to support Lent and is intimately linked to that other aspect of our Lenten tradition – that it is a time of self-denial when we remind ourselves of what is important and what is not important in life by letting go of what is unnecessary.   But we ‘let it go’ in order to share it:   what we give up, we give away (rather than saving it for later!).   During Lent our challenge is to channel what we let go or deny ourselves into those Project Compassion boxes or

envelopes, thereby turning our Lenten penance into a means of life for those in need in the Third World.

Ways to contribute:

  •  Boxes and sets of weekly envelopes are in our church foyers today.


Roseville – Lindfield – Killara Interchurch Fellowship

Lenten Ecumenical Services 2023

oikumeneWe are blessed that this year we will again be having three Lenten Ecumenical Services with our fellow Churches in our local area.  Please be part of this wonderful opportunity to build the bridges of Christian Unity during the Lenten season of renewal:

Tuesday 28th February        7:45pm   at Roseville Uniting Church (5 Lord St, Roseville)

Preacher:  Rev. Yangrae Son

Tuesday 14th March            7:45pm        at Killara Uniting Church   (cnr Karranga Ave and Arnold St)

Preacher: Rev. Colin Blayney

Tuesday 28th March 7:45pm at Holy Family Catholic Church, Lindfield 

Preacher: Rev. Chris Goringe

Please be there to help build our bonds as fellow disciples of the Lord. 

On Tuesday 28th March, when we are hosting, please bring a plate for supper if you can.


At the personal level:

Why not tap into the short daily guided meditations at:  https://pray-as-you-go.org/


explore the immensely rich and wider offering of prayer resources at :https://pray-as-you-go.org/discover


The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Please make use of the beautiful sacrament of God’s mercy during Lent.  The sacrament is available each Saturday in our two churches.  See page 7 for details.  Once Holy Week begins there will be no times for Reconciliation as by then our Easter preparations should be concluded.

After a three year absence we will also have a celebration of The Second Rite of Reconciliation in our Killara church on Wednesday 29th March at 7:45pm.




Bishop Anthony’s Letter regarding the Season of Lent and our penitential practices within it.

Please go to www.lindfieldkillara.org.au/bishops-lenten-letter



* * *   T H E     E A S T E R     T R I D U U M   * * *

This year once again on Holy Thursday we will have a single celebration of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper and it will be in our church at Killara.  In this way on the night that Jesus gathered at table with his disciples for the Last Supper we too can gather as a parish at one altar.  We hope that everyone from both the Killara & Lindfield communities can come.   Likewise we will again have a single celebration of the Easter Vigil for the whole parish – which will be at Lindfield

HOLY THURSDAY       No morning Mass

                             EVENING MASS OF THE LORD'S SUPPER:    7:30PM                    A combined Mass for the whole parish at our Killara church.

                                      After Mass, if you would like to remain or return later in the evening, there will be prayer before the Eucharist in the chapel of repose.

                                      This will conclude with Night Prayer, at 10:00pm (at the Altar of Repose). Please try to come for some of this vigil of prayer - to spend some time with the Lord 'in the garden of Gethsemane'.

GOOD   FRIDAY          No morning MassGood Friday 1 a

STATIONS OF THE CROSS:  10AM       at Killara


SOLEMN LITURGY OF THE LORD'S PASSION:   3:00PM   (in both of our churches)

HOLY SATURDAY       MORNING PRAYER:   10AM  (in Lindfield church)

(Holy Saturday is traditionally a day of solemn vigil [and fast], of waiting for the resurrection. Mass & the sacraments are not celebrated on this day. However, to spend some of this vigil of prayer together, there will be MORNING PRAYER  at 10am.

(continued over….)

Since it is the principal celebration of the entire Church year we will again have a single celebration of the Easter Vigil for the whole parish.   This will be celebrated in Holy Family Church at Lindfield and we hope that everyone from both the Killara and the Lindfield communities in the parish can come.

MASS OF THE EASTER VIGIL : THE CELEBRATION OF THE RESURRECTION:                                      7:30PM  on Holy Saturday :

A combined celebration for the whole parish in our Lindfield church.

This is the most important Mass in our Church's year and the principal Easter celebration. Please be there, rain, hail or shine!

The Easter Vigil will be followed by an Easter supper in the Shirley Wallace Parish Centre above Lindfield church.   Please keep the time for this parish celebration free to continue the Easter celebration as a community.

EASTER SUNDAY        8:30am (Lindfield)          

                                      9:00am  (Killara)            

                                      10:15am  (Lindfield)

  12 noon Chinese Catholic Community Mass (Lindfield)

                                      (There is no Sunday  6pm Mass on Easter Sunday)