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A message from Bishop Anthony Randazzo 

On Saturday 17 April 2021, I convened a meeting of the Plenary Council delegates and animators fromacross the Diocese for the first time since the pandemic began. The aim was to re-animate thePlenary Council initiative, to provide formation on this theme and to commission the fourdelegates for the Diocese of Broken Bay – Alison Newell, Raj Rajasingam, Danny Casey, and FrDavid Ranson.

Until our gatherings were interrupted by COVID-19, the Diocese of Broken Bay was recognisedas one of the highest responders to the Plenary Council invitation to “Listen to what the Spirit issaying” to the Church in Australia. The Council is an opportunity for a holy listening, a truthfulspeaking, and a dialogue of love. I look forward to continuing the journey of the Plenary Councilwith the many enthusiastic people who are generously engaged in this task.

My presentation on the Plenary Council day has been produced as a video resource for usethroughout the Diocese and can be accessed here. I hope that you might find it of use also forour ongoing mission of evangelisation in Broken Bay.


Broken Bay "A Prayer for the Plenary Council Journey" Resources

Prayer Guide

These prayer resources, prepared by Evangelisation Broken Bay, hopes to encourage you, your parish, school and/ or community to pray for the Plenary Council - the process, the people and the outcome.  Through these prayers, may your relationship with Jesus also deepen as you seek to hear and respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in order that you may proclaim with confidence; "I no longer live, for it is Christ who lives in me" (Gal2:20).

Click here for the Prayer Guide (Duration 1 hour)

Includes prayer with icon of Mary Star of the Sea, Scripture, a decade of the Rosary, intercessions and Plenary Council Prayer

Click here for the Prayer Card (Duration 10mins)

Includes Scripture, a decade of the Rosary, intercessions and Plenary Council Prayer

Click here to use "Praying with an Icon" guide

Suggested Uses

Prayer Guide

  • Parish prayer services leading up to first Assembly
  • Parish prayer vigil (2 October)
  • Parish groups to meet in prayer (eg PPC, ministry groups, prayer groups)
  • Pray sections during meetings or other gatherings

Prayer Card

  • Hand out to all parishioners
  • Invite people to pray daily
  • Ask prayer groups to include in their prayer

Other Ideas to promote the Plenary Council

At Mass:

  • Mention in homily
  • Pray the Plenary Council Prayer
  • Prayer of Intercession
  • Use Plenary Council song "Listen to the Spirit" in the lead up to/ during Assembly
  • Powerpoint slides at start of Mass

Include Plenary Council items in your:

  • Bulletin, eNews
  • Website
  • Social media channels
  • School newsletters
  • Posters on noticeboards
  • Pray the Plenary Council Prayer before all meetings

Keep informed:

Continuing the Journey (Working Document): Instrumentum Laboris

Continuing the journey

The instrumentum laboris, draws heavily on the voices heard during the Listening and Dialogue and Listening and Discernment phases of the Plenary Council, but also from other key sources. It is entitled Continuing the Journey.

A number of key themes emerge in the document, including:

  • renewing a Christ-centred Church that heals wounds and warms hearts;
  • strengthening practices of discernment and synodality;
  • the call to co-responsibility in mission and governance;
  • embedding a response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse;
  • renewing and supporting the ordained ministry;
  • promoting discipleship in parishes, families and young people;
  • forming prayerful and Eucharistic communities that are eager to engage in society for the service of all;
  • proclaiming the Gospel in a change of era;
  • renewing the Church’s solidarity with First Australians and those on the margins of society;
  • promoting an integral ecology of life for all persons, societies and our common home, the Earth

Read Media Release here

More information on Continuing the Journey: Instrumentum Laboris

Lenten Listening 2020

A Lenten resource to facilitate local discernment on the six Plenary Council 2020 Themes, in conjunction with the Lenten Year A Scripture texts.

LL20 cover sm

As we journey together towards the Plenary Council sessions in 2020 and 2021, all Australians are invited to contribute through listening and discerning what the Holy Spirit is saying to us here and now. This Lenten program experience draws on the rich Scripture texts of this Year A Lenten Season, and invites us to reflect on these in conjunction with the Plenary themes, to discern what the Spirit is saying to us in our own local communities today. The focus, therefore, moves from a national conversation to a local community conversation, whether it be our parish, school or other ecclesial community group.

This will be a process of communal discernment, rather than individual discernment. It is a process of prayer, reflection, sharing with one another, and seeking God’s direction, guided by the Holy Spirit. Together, we seek to hear where God is calling our communities, and begin to take practical steps to move in that direction.

The resource is made up of an introductory sheet, which gives further details about the resource and a useful guide to the process of discernment; as well as 6 sessions in PDF format.
These sessions can be downloaded individually, or as a complete PDF file. Please download these items below.

Enquiries: or Jenny Hildebrandt 8379 1625

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Introduction
Further details about this resource and a short guide to the process of discernment.

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Week 1
The passage of the temptation of Jesus in the desert, and his intense prayerfulness at this time, helps us reflect on what it means to be Prayerful and Eucharistic.

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Week 2
The glimpse of the divinity of Jesus in the passage of the Transfiguration impels us, just like the first disciples, to be  Missionary and Evangelising. 

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Week 3
The inclusion by Jesus of the Samaritan woman at the well, and her participation in his ministry, challenges us to find new ways to be Inclusive, Participatory and Synodal.

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Week 4
Jesus' reaching out and healing of the man born blind gives us an example of being Humble, Healing and Merciful.

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Week 5
The raising of Lazarus from the dead shows us that with Jesus, new things are always possible and that we can confidently be Open to Conversion, Renewal and Reform.

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Week 6
As we reflect on the total self-giving of Jesus on the Cross, followed by his ultimate exaltation, we see in the Christian life the pattern for a Joyful, Hope-Filled and Servant Community.

• Lenten Listening 2020 - Complete Resource

Resources to hold Listening and Dialogue Sessions

A number of resources have been designed and customised for use in our Diocese of Broken Bay and that your community can use to hold dialogue and shape the agenda for Plenary Council 2020:

Listening and Dialogue Guide for the Diocese of Broken Bay
Use this guide for Listening and Dialogue Sessions in your parish, school community or agency, to invite the sharing of experiences of faith and Church that will shape the agenda of the Plenary Council. 

This guide is now also available for download in Italian, Korean or Chinese.


Local Animator and Facilitator Notes for the Diocese of Broken Bay
These notes or companion document has been prepared for use by your selected Local Animator or facilitator. It provides a step-by-step guide to facilitating a Listening and Dialogue Session in your parish or school. It includes details on how to prepare for and promote a Listening and Dialogue Session in advance, and a checklist of practical materials you will need to host the dialogue in your community.

Plenary Council Support Kit for the Diocese of Broken Bay
This kit was provided to all parishes, schools and agencies of the Diocese at Pentecost 2018, inviting communities to select ‘Local Animators’. It explains why we need Local Animators in our communities, selection criteria, and background information on the Plenary Council itself, and a calendar of our plans for 2018.

Suggestions for Facilitating Listening and Dialogue Session in Parishes and Schools of the Diocese of Broken Bay
Respecting your local context or circumstance, you are free to decide how you would like to structure listening and dialogue in your community. The most important thing is that people have an opportunity to share their experience and insight toward the future of our Church. This document provides suggestions on ways in which a Listening and Dialogue Session could take place in your parish, amidst its ministry groups and teams, in collaboration with others and in the wider community. It also offers practical ideas for schools to engage their staff, parents and students in the Plenary process.

Q&A Document for Parishes and Schools of the Diocese of Broken Bay
In the process of facilitating Listening and Dialogue Sessions in your community, questions can arise about who can participate, how parishes and our Diocese might receive feedback following submissions to the national website, the role of the Local Animator and contacts for further support. We have provided answers to many of these queries, which also complements the FAQ sheet found on the national Plenary Council website, found here.

A Promotional Poster You Can Customise
This poster template can be adapted and used in your local community to promote your local Listening and Dialogue Sessions.

Safeguarding Document in the Event of a Disclosure of Abuse or Any Other Crime
We recognise that speaking about our experience of the Church can help people in many different ways and it can also give rise to pain past and present. This document from our Office for Safeguarding and Professional Standards (Chancery) provides guidance in the event of a disclosure of sexual abuse or any other crime. The guide is written for clergy but would equally apply in principle to anyone who is in need of support. It outlines guiding principles, processes and offers support contacts for you and your community.

A Parish Guide provided by the ACBC National Facilitation Team
This document offers a week by week guide of suggested activities to lead your parish community to promote and participate in Listening and Dialogue Sessions. It includes intercessory prayers, homily notes, announcements and bulletin notices that can be used over several weeks.

The Official Plenary Council prayer
The official prayer for Plenary Council 2020 invokes the Holy Spirit upon the people of Australia as well as the Church as it seeks to recognises Jesus anew, listen to the stories and experiences of faith, and speak boldly in discernment toward a hope-filled future. It is also available with 4 cards to a page (PDF 312.9KB), for printing back to back.

The Three Year National Timeline for Plenary Council 2020
The national dialogue toward the Plenary Council commenced on Pentecost 2018. The four stages of the Plenary journey to follow include Listening and Dialogue Sessions (now till 6 March 2019), Discerning, Developing & Testing Themes (May 2019 to Dec 2019), Drafting Council Program and Documents (2020 & 2021) and Implementation (2021 and beyond).

Additional resources can be found on the national Plenary Council website ( to support your participation and that of others in this important process, including promotional videos to share the good news of the Plenary Council with your community.